Small Ship Cruise Guide
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Small Ship Cruises

  • Up-close and personal - because the ships are smaller, with shallower drafts, they can go where the large ships can’t. This provides you with the most important benefit of small ship cruising – the ability to experience the destination in an intimate way.
  • Destinations - small ship cruises furnishes their guests with an intensive, up-close experience of the things they’re most interested in: nature, culture, history and learning.

  • Lecturers and expert guides - enhance the learning experience on most small ship cruises, providing information which helps guests understand and fully appreciate what they’re seeing.

  • Remote shore landings - bow ramps, sports platforms and/or inflatable excursion craft allow shore landings where larger ships can’t dock, giving guests safe and comfortable access to a variety of unspoiled areas.

  • Interesting fellow passengers - small ship cruises attract an interesting mix of passengers, providing interaction between people of similar interests but with different backgrounds.
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